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Building the Brand Mentorship


January 2023-June 2023

A group mentorship with Gogetter Jea & Goal Friends. You’ll have the opportunity to learn, grow, educate yourself on business, while exercising the tools and activities needed to make money in your business. This is an activated mentorship, that requires your time and has many opportunities to get the task done. We will meet several times a week, online, 1:1 and in person.

This is a vigorous mentorship comprised of 15 entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level, building clients, consistency and cash flow. I will work alongside of each individual to show them how to generate revenue using their product/service.

All work will be completed by the business owner and not Gogetter Jea. The results will vary by business and business owner depending on the time, commitment and investment that's put into the project. There are no guarantees of making an identified amount of money. Revenue will vary depending on business model, products and price points.

🔹️Asking Questions & Getting Advice
🔹️A Different Perspective (Mindset)
🔹️Improving Key Skills-Training
🔹️Experience & education
🔹️Expanding Your Network
🔹️Methods and Strategies
🔹️Motivation & encouragement
🔹️Confidence to Make Better Decisions
🔹️Success-Growth & Support
🔹️Goal Setting
🔹️Marketing Strategies that result in sales

💙6 Month mentorship program where we will focus on mindset training, habit building, marketing and growth. Give yourself the chance of success.

We will be completing a marketing tour visiting DC/DE/NJ/NY/PA, in addition we will conquer the territory of Philadelphia and the surrounding area as well to assist in marketing the business. Finally we will have opportunities to complete online sales, and attend a Business Boss Women's Retreat & Brunch.

Image of Building A Better You, Walk Heavy Tour
Building A Better You, Walk Heavy Tour
Image of House of Hustlers Concert Maryland Image of House of Hustlers Concert Maryland
House of Hustlers Concert Maryland
Image of Vending Opportunities Image of Vending Opportunities
Vending Opportunities
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