Building the Brand Tour


Are you ready to start that business, build you brand? Come sit with me to discuss the best direction and start for your business.

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch with Gogetter Jea. You’ll have the opportunity to learn, grow, educate yourself on business, while exercising the tools and activities needed to make money in your business.

This tour will only open up for 10 seats per state . I will provide essential information needed for your business to start and/ or grow. These items will include business audits, paperwork audits, grant list, business profile recommendations, social media audits, plan of actions, and questions and answers. VIP tickets will include additional time to focus on your business independently.

🔹️Asking Questions & Getting Advice
🔹️A Different Perspective (Mindset)
🔹️Improving Key Skills-Training
🔹️Experience & education
🔹️Expanding Your Network
🔹️Methods and Strategies
🔹️Motivation & encouragement
🔹️Confidence to Make Better Decisions
🔹️Success-Growth & Support
🔹️Goal Setting
🔹️Marketing Strategies that result in sales