$1,250.00 - $2,500.00

Building The Brand (Mastermind & Business Credit Mentorship)

Building The Brand (Mastermind & Business Credit Mentorship)

Mindset, Marketing, & Media Focus!!
This is a private 1:1 business mentorship with Gogetter Jea

This is a 3 month online/in-person business mentorship where you will learn how to integrate essential keys into your business to yield success.

All work will be completed by the business owner and not Gogetter Jea. The results will vary by business and business owner depending on the time, commitment and investment that's put into the project. There are no guarantees of making an identified amount of money. Revenue will vary depending on business model, products and work ethics.

Business Credit Mentorship (Get Your Business Credit Right)
🔹Business Health Audit
🔹DUNS Account & Profile
🔹Google Business Account & Profile
🔹Business Credit Goal Setting
🔹Business Credit Education
🔹Business Credit Establishment

🔹️Asking Questions & Getting Advice
🔹️A Different Perspective (Mindset Training)
🔹️Improving Key Skills-Training
🔹️Experience & Education
🔹️Expanding Your Network
🔹️Methods and Strategies
🔹️Motivation & encouragement
🔹️Confidence to Make Better Decisions
🔹️Success-Growth & Support
🔹️Goal Setting
🔹️Marketing Strategies That Yield Results
🔹️Media Insight to Increase Traffic