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10 Day Mastermind


Monday, September 19th - Wednesday, September 28th

Event Address: Online Via Zoom, Google Meets, IG & Phone
Networking Event August 26th 4-8pm is available

A mentorship with a core focus on wealth building and generational wealth.
🔹️Asking Questions & Getting Advice
🔹️A Different Perspective(Mindset)
🔹️Improving Key Skills-Training
🔹️Experience & education
🔹️Expanding Your Network
🔹️Methods and Strategies
🔹️Motivation & encouragement
🔹️Confidence to Make Better Decisions
🔹️Success-Growth & Support
🔹️Goal Setting

💙10 days accelerated training and mentorship program where we will focus on mindset training, business banking, wealth building, retirement plans, youth/junior accounts, & financial growth. Give yourself the chance of success.

Group meetings will run twice a day with the same information 8AM & 8PM. Please check your calendar before booking. Every day/lesson will be followed up with an informative email of everything we discussed so you'll never miss the information

Image of 10 Day Mastermind Image of 10 Day Mastermind Image of 10 Day Mastermind
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Grant Access
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Business Credit Education
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Non Profit Class
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LLC Formation Class
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Trademark Course
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Grant Course
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Grants 101 Class
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Business Starter Class/ Kit
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Media Marketing Class
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Business Tax Assistance
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